Hybrid price wars – great news for hybrid buyers!

It looks like Toyota is aggressively going after the new Honda Insight, which is great news for hybrid buyers.     The new  Insight, which has been a great seller so far in Japan, was being billed as a Prius killer by Honda, and so Toyota is reacting to the challenge.    The new, third generation 2010 Prius, which so far has gotten very favorable reviews, is being priced in Japan at the equivalent of $20,750 for the base model, which is only a couple of hundred dollars more than the less roomier, not as good mpg Insight  (the Insight has an EPA mpg rating of 41 mpg, while the 2010 Prius rating is 50 mpg).   So if you’re interested in the Insight, and you’re in the  US, you might want to wait a month or so until the 2010 Prius in available.

via: Autoweek

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