Hybrid sales increase in March 2011

The March 2011 hybrid car sales figures are in, and they show a sizable increase over last months and last years figures, according to HybridCars.com.   Comparing it to Feb 2011, hybrid car sales rose 46.5% to 34,082 cars.    Comparing it to March 2010, hybrid car sales rose 46.4%.

There’s some interesting wrinkles in this months report.   First off, while the 34,082 was not a record month for actual hybrids sold, this was the first month that showed such a high number without the benefit of government programs such as Cash for Clunkers or large tax credits.    Also of interest is the better than expected sales of the just launched Lexus CT 200h hybrid at 2,200 units – not bad for a luxury automobile with a starting price of $29,000.    The sporty Honda CR-Z also had its best month ever, while Honda’s Insight had its best month in nearly a year and a half.

Click for the full March 2011 Hybrid Car Sales Dashboard from HybridCars.com

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