Hybrid sales rebound in May

The May 2010 new car sales numbers are out, and they show a nice rebound for hybrids and Toyota.   Toyota, which took a hit in the last few months from the negative publicity generated by safety issues and recalls, continued to struggle with their non-hybrids, but their Prius increased its sales by 13.5% over April, and 41.2% over May 2009.  In the meantime, Ford, which saw sales of its Ford Fusion Hybrid increase 64% over last month and also saw a close to 25% increase in sales of its Ford Escape Hybrid, is now the number two  seller of hybrids, having surpassed Honda.   Overall, Toyota’s share of the hybrid market is 68%, Ford can claim 14%, while Honda has dropped to 9%.

In May, hybrid sales represented 2.65% of all new cars sold, compared to 2.18% in April.

You can see all the stats at HybridCars.com’s May 2010 Dashboard

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