Hyundai’s new hybrid concept – Blue-Will

Hyundai Blue-Will Concept hybrid
Hyundai Blue-Will Concept hybrid
While Hyundai will shortly be coming out with their first ever hybrid (the 2011 Sonata Hybrid, due this year), they’re looking further ahead.   At this month’s Detroit Auto Show, Hyundai will be showing off its new hybrid concept car – the Blue-Will (also known as the HND-4).  The Hyundai Blue-Will, in its current form, uses lithium-ion-polymer batteries to power a 134 hp electric motor for up to 40 miles of electric only driving.   Coupling the electric motor with a 152 hp, 1.6-liter direct injection four cylinder engine, Hyundai is claiming that the Blue-Will will get about 100 mpg.

The Blue-Will also has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve.  As you can probably tell from the picture, the Blue-Will’s body shape reduces aerodynamic drag, and it also has a full-length tray covering all the stuff underneath the car in order to further reduce drag.   Some of the body panels are made from carbon fiber and other composite materials to reduce weight.    All the lighting is from LED’s to reduce power usage.   Solar cells are embedded in the glass to power a fan to help cool the inside while parked in the sun (like the option available on the 2010 Prius).   Here’s something new – in addition to the usual regenerative braking system used to recharge the battery, the Blue-Will will have a thermal generator attached to the exhaust manifold to convert all that heat energy into electricity.

Of course, since the Blue-Will is a concept car only, there’s no word from Hyundai as to whether it will ever see the light of day.

via: Car and Driver (more pictures there too!)

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