In case you missed it – a not so good sort of update on EEStor

Over at CleanBreak, they’re losing faith in EEStor.  EEStore, in case you’ve forgotten, is the ultrasecretive company out of Austin, Tx that claimed to have developed an ultracapacitor based storage device that could be used in electric cars to replace batteries.  All sorts of wild claims such as huge range and the ability to recharge in minutes were talked about (but not specifically by EEStor).  But the company itself hasn’t been talking, except for a press release earlier this year where they said that they were meeting production milestones for the material that goes in to the ultracapacitor.
Now it looks like frustration is starting to set in, especially among the only sources available on EEStor, which is the blogs. For example, over at CleanBreak, last month they reported that EEStor Board member Morton Topfer left EEStor about 5 months ago. Nobody seems to know why. It does seem that ZENN Motors, which has partnered with EEStor on its ultracapacitor to power its low speed electric cars, is still optimistic that they will get some product soon, but nobody is talking anymore about ultracapacitors to power highway speed passenger cars, it seems.

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