It’s official – Toyota to introduce minivan-like Prius

There’s been several rumors about this for years now, but Toyota has now officially announced that it will be introducing a station wagon sized, small minivan Prius, and that it will be shown at the upcoming 2011 Detroit Auto Show in January.  Not many details are out, as usual, but some reports say that the Prius MPV (the current name) will be powered by a 2.5 liter engine, which compares to the 1.8 liter engine in the current version of the Prius.   No word yet on gas mileage (or pricing), and while it surely won’t hit the 50 mpg mark that the Prius gets, it’s thought that Toyota is shooting for a low to mid 40 mpg figure.

Most speculation seems to be that the Prius MPV will be similar to the Mazda5 in terms of space and size.    It definitely will be designed to appeal to city dwellers who are looking for something to haul their families around in, but want something far more efficient (and cheaper) than the large minivans and SUV’s that dominate the market.


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