Japan earthquake and tsunami will impact hybrid car supply

Auto analysts are saying that last week’s earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan will impact hybrid car prices and supplies.  With the recent run-up in gasoline prices, supplies of hybrids like the Toyota Prius had already started to tighten, and dealer discounts on the Prius and other hybrids have all but vanished.  Both Toyota and Honda produced most of their hybrids in Japan.

Honda officials have said that while their Japanese auto assembly plants had not been damaged, they couldn’t get their already built cars out of Japan due to damaged roads and ports.  While Toyota does produce it’s Camry Hybrid in the United States, the Prius is made in Japan.   Overall, Toyota may lose output of at least 40,000 cars from damaged factories.  Nissan, the maker of the all-electric Leaf, has announced that its manufacturing facilities would be closed through at least Monday. Even if the plants are able to open, difficulties in getting parts will continue to hurt production of these cars. And electricity shortages will further curtail production.

via: Hybridcars.com , Bloomberg.com

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