New UltraBattery to rev up hybrid electric vehicles

A new hybrid car battery called the “UltraBattery” has been developed by an Australian technology group named CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization). The UltraBattery supposedly lasts longer, costs less and is more powerfull that the batteries that are currently used in today’s hybrids. The UltraBattery combines a supercapacitor and a lead acid battery in one unit – the combination allows the UltraBattery to provide and absorb charges very rapidly during acceleration and braking. Over the last 12 months, teams of drivers have been putting the UltraBattery thru its paces – one of the cars, a Honda Insight has just passed 100,000 miles driven using the new battery. CSIRO is conducting further research to make the UltraBattery lighter and even more efficient.

According to David Lamb, who leads low emissions transport research with the Enerby Transformed National Research Flagship, “Previous tests show the UltraBattery has a life cycle that is at least four times longer and produces 50 per cent more power than conventional battery systems. It’s also about 70 per cent cheaper than the batteries currently used in HEVs.”
ultrabattery car hits 100,000 miles

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