Nissan aiming to release a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by 2015

Nissan is currently working on a next generation hydrogen powered car with plans to release it around 2015.   While Nissan and other companies have shown off hydrogen powered concept cars before, Nissan’s new announcement is coupled with the release of its next generation hydrogen fuel cell stack, claiming that the new hydrogen fuel cell stack has the world’s best power density for its size.     When compared to Nissan’s last generation fuel cell (developed in 2005), the new stack has 250% more storage capacity, is one half the size, weighs less (90 lbs compared to 265 lbs), and uses far less platinum.   Nissan says that their overall cost to make this new fuel cell stack is 1/6th of what it cost to make the 2005 version.

Even with these improvements, it looks like this car is still going to be incredibly expensive.   Nissan has said that they’re shooting to sell the car at a price under ten million yen (which would be about $128,000 in U.S. dollars at current exchange rates).  But they’re certainly eager to bring the cost of hydrogen powered cars down – their engineers are working on new models of the fuel cell stack looking to cut the size and cost by another 50% while providing even more storage.   The new fuel cell costs about $50,000 to produce each one, so savings here will dramatically impact the overall cost of the car.

Nissan has an internal goal to sell 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles by 2016 (including the electric Leaf).

New Nissan hydrogen fuel cell stack
New Nissan hydrogen fuel cell model (right) compared to the older model (on left)

via: Autoblog Green

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