Nissan Leaf pre-orders ahead of expectations

Pre-orders for the Nissan Leaf have so far totaled 8,000, and since its only been 10 days since Nissan started taking pre-orders, the company is pretty happy.    Nissan is shooting for 25,000 Leaf pre-orders by December and expects to let people start test driving Leafs this fall.

Niissan is going to start taking firm orders in August – that’s when we’ll really know what the numbers will look like.    As part of the ordering process, Nissan is going to send an electrician to your house so you can get an estimate on how much it will cost to get your house plug-in ready.

Leaf pricing was announced a couple of weeks ago, and this week came information that the Leaf will be available on a 36 month lease for $349 a month with an initial payment of $1,999.

NIssan Leaf
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