Nissan Leaf sells out for 2010 – more than 19,000 orders so far

The Nissan Leaf, the electric car from Nissan due at the end of this year, has received so many pre-orders that Nissan may stop taking Leaf reservations.    Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, made the announcement this week at a speech before the Detroit Economic Club, where Mr. Ghosn also announced that they are breaking ground this week on a new plant in Smyrna Tennessee, where batteries for the Leaf and future electric models will be made.   So far, 19,000 Leaf preorders have been received.

Nissan plans to begin selling the Leaf near the end of this year.    Initial sales will be concentrated in Japan and in areas of the US where there exists the capacity to support electric cars, like in California where charging stations are being installed.

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