Press Release – 100MPG Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology a Reality Now

A company named D&H Global Enterprise, LLC issued a press release today in which they announced a new electric propulsion system that will deliver higher performing and more reliable hybrid vehicles with reduced complexity, which will lower manufacturing and ownership costs.

The company has three patent-pending products, the PMRM, the PMVCU, and the Power Electronic Unit. These three products will increase fuel efficiency over current models while at the same time lowering maintenance costs and the overall initial cost of hybrids.

“We are very excited about bringing this technology to the public. Large SUV type HEV’s using this system, will consume, for example, 40+ MPG on the highway and 50+ MPG in the city, with the same power and torque performance as similar sized gasoline vehicles. A small sedan sized vehicle can achieve over 100MPG,” said Senior Company Member, Debbie Hamedi. Hassan Hamedi, another Senior Member, added “The PMRMâ„¢ can revolutionize the HEV industry.”

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