Review of the Chevy 2010 Tahoe Hybrid SUV

Chevy 2010 Tahoe Hybrid SUV
The San Francisco Chronicle reviewed the Chevy 2010 Tahoe Hybrid SUV this week.  The Tahoe Hybrid is a full sized SUV, so an EPA rating of 21 mpg in the city, and 22 mpg on the highway is really good for an SUV that’s this big and can pull up to a 6,200 pound trailer.  It uses the GM two-mode hybrid system paired with a 6.0 liter V-8 – but four of the cylinders are deactivated during highway cruising for improved gas mileage.

The 2010 Tahoe Hybrid even made the Kelley Blue  list of the top green cars for 2010, so if you’re interested in a full sized SUV with plenty of towing power that gets far better gas mileage than your average full sized SUV, head on over to the Top Down Auto Blog at the San Fran Chronicle for the Tahoe Hybrid review.

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