Reviews of the new Prius c coming in


Toyota Prius c goes on sale in March 2012
Toyota Prius c goes on sale in March 2012
Toyota’s new Prius c will hit the showrooms around March, and the reviews are starting to come in. The Prius c (the c is for “city”), is a smaller and less expensive hybrid than Toyota’s familiar Prius liftback. Toyota introduced its bigger Prius (the Prius v) last fall, now it’s rounding out its line with a car built specifically for driving around crowded city streets.   It’s already been selling like hotcakes in Japan, where it’s known as the Toyota Aqua, and now Toyota is ramping up production for its North American launch

The Prius c will carry a $18,950 MSRP and will get you 50 mpg in combined driving (53 mpg city, and 46 mpg highway). Based on the Toyota Yaris chassis, it’s 19 inches shorter than the current Prius – perfect for parallel parking on city streets. The reviewers all like the handling and say that driving feel seems pretty zippy, but if you’re looking for a drag race, you don’t want to try it in a Prius c – Toyota says it takes 11.5 seconds to go from 0-60 mph (although most of the reviewers did a little better than this)

So if you’re interested in small, relatively inexpensive hybrid, check out the reviews below:

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