That didn’t last long – Chrysler to drop Durango and Aspen hybrids

Chrysler’s recently introduced hybrid SUV’s – the Durango and Aspen, are being discontinued only a month after they came out. It’s not because of poor sales of the hybrid models, which have been receiving good reviews, but because the gasoline only versions of the SUVs have been struggling.  So much so that Chrysler is closing the Newark, Delaware plant where both models are made.    Chrysler felt that the demand for the hybrid, which costs alot more than the gasoline only version, couldn’t justify keeping the plant open at way less than full capacity.

Chrysler began producing the hybrids in August – and they’re just now starting to arrive at the dealers.  While they have received about 3,000 orders for hybrids, Chrysler isn’t sure if they will be able to fill all of the orders before the plant shuts down on Dec 31st.    Overall sales for the gasoline version of the SUVs have falles 54% (for the Durango), and 21% (for the Aspen) over the last year.

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