The Christian Science Monitor recaps Ultracapacitors

In its April 16, 2008 edition, the Christian Science Monitor,with an article entitled “Ultracapacitors: The future of electric cars orthe ‘Cold Fusion’ of Autovation?” details some of the known details on ZENN Motor, the Toronto maker of low speed electric cars, and EEStor, the maker of ultracapacitors. The paper even managed to get an email interview with EEStor vice president and general manager Tom Weir. While as expected there’s hardly any substantive information in the interview, its nice to see EEStor saying something outside of a general press release.

The article also talks about some EEStor’s competitors – the AFS Trinity uses ultracapacitors to boost battery life and juice up acceleration on its cars, other companies like Maxwell Technologies, Panasonic, and Nippon Chemi-Con, among others are working on devices that merge batteries and ultracapacitors. Some garbage trucks in the US are using ultracapacitors to absorb energy from regenerative braking and then using that energy to help with acceleration.

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