Toyota announced the Prius C – a subcompact lower priced hybrid

By now, everyone knows that Toyota has released a bigger Prius – the Prius-v.    Toyota has also been working on a smaller Prius – that they’re calling the Prius C.   Toyota has previously shown some concept car versions of the Prius C  – but now they’re showcasing the production model – this is what the Prius C is going to look like when it hits showroom floors in 2012.    

Prius C

Prius C rear view
The Prius C is a downsized model that Toyota is targeting toward young drivers looking for a small car for use in major cities.  It’s about 19 inches shorter than the regular third generation Prius, 2 inches narrower, 2 inches lower, and its wheelbase is almost 6 inches shorter.  Overall, its just a couple of inches bigger than the Toyota Yaris.   Like other hybrids, it matches an electric motor with a gas engine, in this case a 1.5 litre engine, but so far Toyota hasn’t provided any details on horsepower.    They did say that their engineers have redesigned the car’s drivetrain to free up some additional space, and by doing so, have lowered the center of gravity, which Toyota says “contributes to spirited driving.”

So far, no details on pricing, but it’ll be cheaper than the current  Prius hatchback, and everybody expects it to pretty much come in at around the same price point as the Honda Insight, which currently has a U.S. MSRP of about $18,350.   In terms of gas mileage, Toyota hasn’t said anything on that either, but according to some reports, the Prius C has been getting about 10% higher mileage than the current Prius, which would put EPA mpg ratings in the upper 50’s).

via: Green Car Reports, Brisbane Times

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