Toyota Hybrid News

There were a couple of articles about Toyota hybrids today. First off, Toyota is now, for the first time, offering incentives on the Prius because sales have slowed somewhat. Toyota is reporting that they have a 59 day supply of cars on hand, where as recently as October they only had enough stock for a couple of days. While the decline in gasoline prices is a large part of the reason, I would think that some Prius demand has been replaced by sales of the Camry Hybrid. Another possible reason may be due to green conscious buyers become aware of future plans for plugin hybrids.

The second newsworthy item was a teaser for the Toyota Hybrid-X. According to this short article in GreenCarCongress, the Hybrid X is, “a concept car that [Toyota] says ‘proposes a new design language for hybrid models while also acting as a technology showcase for future hybrid cars.'” I’m not sure exactly what a “new design language” actually means, but we need to wait until March when Toyota shows it at the Geneva Motor Show. In the meantime, we need to make due with just a shot of the back of the car.Toyota Hybrid X teaser pic

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