Volkswagen announced Jetta Hybrid and shows off new electric Beetle concept – the E-Bugster


VW E-Bugster
Volkswagen E-Bugster
VW 2013 Jetta Hybrid
VW 2013 Jetta Hybrid
It won’t be officially announced until the North American International Auto Show opens its doors tomorrow (Jan 9th, 2012), but there’s been some leaks about what Volkswagen has planned.    Two big announcements are due from VW – they’re going to be showing off a new Jetta Hybrid that’s going on sale later this year, and they’re also going to show off their new electric version of the Volkswagen Beetle – they’re calling it the E-Bugster.

The new Jetta Hybrid will get about 45 mpg (combined city and highway) and meshes a 1.4-liter gas engine rated at 150 horsepower with a 27 kW electric motor capable of cranking out an additional 36 horses.  Some other details include a 7-speed DSG transmission which can decouple from the gasoline engine to let the Jetta run solely from the electric motor.   The Jetta Hybrid is expected to go on sale in December 2012.

The current version of the Volkswagen E-Bugster concept car features a 114 hp electric motor powered from a lithium-ion battery.    Reports are that the E-Bugster is a much cooler looking version of the VW Blue-e-motion electric drive unit being built for an electric version of the Volkwagen Golf.    Driving range is about 100 miles, but the battery can be recharged to 80 percent capacity in about 30 minutes from either a 120 volt or 240 volt socket.

VW Golf Blue-e-motion
Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-motion

via: World Car

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