Volvo debuts a diesel plug-in hybrid – the V60

Volvo V60 diesel plug-in hybrid
Volvo V60 diesel plug-in hybrid
Volvo plans on showing off it’s “almost ready for the production line” new plug-in hybrid diesel, the V60. Supposedly coming out as a sports wagon next year (2012), the V60 sports 3 different driving modes (Volvo calls them “temperaments”) – Pure, Hybrid, and Power, which the driver can select.

If you’re running in Pure mode, the V60 stays in pure electric mode for as long as possible – Volvo is saying its pure electric range is about 32 miles. In Hybrid mode, the car acts like a pure hybrid car, “striking the optimal balance between driving pleasure and low environmental impacts”. In hybrid mode, the car has a range of about 750 miles. Power mode lets you go from 0-60 mph in about 6.9 seconds, by using the electric motor and diesel engine to generate a horsepower of about 285.

Volvo plans on adding features that allow the driver to communicate with the car via a mobile application. For example, if its cold outside and the car is plugged in to a charge, you can tell the car to pre-heat the car using the power from the charger. This cuts down on battery usage while your driving the car since you won’t have to use the battery to warm it up.

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