Volvo Unveils Heavy-Duty Diesel-Electric Hybrid

The is reporing that Volvo unveiled a new Diesel-Electric Hybrid technology that’s designed for heavy duty applications such as refuse hauling with lots and stop and go’s to regional tractor-trailer hauling.

Volvo is looking to rollout the Class 8 truck in 2009 – they currently are developing and building six test trucks for use in dump and refueling applications. One truck is already in use at the Charleston, SC air base, as part of a $6.8 million contract with the US Air Force.

Volvo is also looking at ultracapacitors and batteries for power storage and recirculation.

According to Lief Johansson, Volvo CEO, fuel savings of up to 35 percent are possible, and the electric motor is capable of full torque at start-up, a potential boon for stop-and-go applications.

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