Want a plug-in hybrid? Build one yourself!

You can get a three-wheel 225 mpg plug-in hybrid in June, but you’ll need to make it yourself. Riley Enterprises, a product design firm out of Glendale, Arizona says that it will introduce plans for its XR-3 plug-in hybrid, a all-wheel drive, three-wheel sports car. The company plans to eventually introduce a full kit to build the car, but right soon you’ll be able to get plans for a “complete do-it-yourself construction.”

The XR-3 is supposed to get between 125 and 225 mpg. It includes a three cylinder diesel engine that powers the front wheels and an electric motor run by a lithium-ion battery for the single rear wheel. It can change between battery only, diesel only, and hybrid driving modes.

“We’ve made a technology leap by designing a super-simple hybrid power system, but ‘technology’ itself was not the main thrust of the project,” said Robert Q. Riley, company president and author of “Alternative Cars in the 21st Century.” “We focused on the power of ‘design’ to define a new category of personal mobility products that are neither automobiles nor motorcycles.”

You can check out the company’s website here, or head on over to Gizmodo for a whole bunch of pictures of the XR-3.

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