Want to build your own Solar Electric Car?

Well, now you can with the SUNN Solar Electric Car Kit. The plug-in electric is even legal in the US, since it includes all the needed equipment for roads under 35mph – top speed is 25 mph. Range for the plug-in portion only is about 20 miles, but with solar panels, the SUNN’s range extends to about 37 miles.

The kit, which costs $4,500 comes with everything you need to build the car with the exception of the batteries and the solar panels. Since batteries are expensive to ship, the company figures you can buy the batteries locally and save shipping costs. As for the solar panels, you can build this car strictly as a plug-in, you can can add panels in various ways if you want – on the roof, on the front hood, even on the side – its up to you. It also includes Manufacturers Certificates of Origin for all the major parts soe you can register the SUNN as a Specially Constructed Vehicle. One more thing you can do – you can modify the plans to make the SUNN a pickup truck! Check out the video below for more information.

From Uberreview

SUNN Solar Electric Car Kit

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