West coast governors envisioning 3 state alternative fueling station plan

The Governors of Washington, Oregon and California have been talking about a plan to devleop alternative energy fueling stations along interstate 5.      Their plan would create what they call a “green highway” that stretches from the Canadian border all the way down to Mexico – they envision stations at every rest stop that would allow motorists to charge or swap out electric car batteries, or fill up on biodeisel, ethanol, hydrogen, or compressed natural gas.

If approved, things could start as soon as this summer, especially since the states want to use some of the federal stimulus money that’s targeted to energy programs.

Shai Agassi’s Better Place project, has been one of the companies talking with the governor.   The company says that they would build charging stations in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and they would supply their battery switch-out stations at rest areas about every 40 miles along the highway.

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