BlackLight Power claims energy from water, and signs sixth utility deal to provide power

This is interesting – BlackLight Power is a company that is claiming to be able to  lower the energy level of hydrogen atoms below ground state, which they say will enable them to produce power for about 1 cent per kilowatt hour, using mostly water.   The fact that many scientists say that this is impossible hasn’t prevented Blacklight Power from garnering at least $60 million in funding from several electric companies and various hedge funds.    And on Thursday, Blacklight Power announced that it had signed a commercial licensing deal with Maryland utility Akridge Energy to provide electricity from its BlackLight process.

Black light Power’s process was discovered back in 1991 by Randell Mills, the company’s founder, when he said that he found a way to produce a theoretical form of hydrogen called a hydrino, in which the electron of the hydrogen atom has entered a lower orbit and therefore contains less energy.   Mills said that he could not only produce hydrinos, but he also could capture the energy emitted during the transition from a hydrogen atom to a hydrino.

Now most quantum physicists say that the BlackLight process is impossible and that the whole thing is a hoax.   But its interesting to note that now six different power utilities have signed with agreements with BlackLight to distribute the power it generates.  You would think that the utilities have seen something that has them convinced.   This is a story worth following up on.

Below is a graphic of the BlackLight Power Process

BlackLight Power process
BlackLight Power process
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