Blacklight Power moving ahead – gets its research validated

Blacklight Power, who I highlighted a couple of weeks ago, announced this week that they’ve gotten third party verification of their technique for generating energy from water.    Researchers at Rowan University developed and ran a series of tests to “…establish whether or not BlackLight had discovered a new low-energy form of hydrogen dubbed a “hydrino” and whether it could be used to generate energy on a continuous basis.”   Although Rowan University had earlier co-authored an earlier paper with Blacklight Power, this time they made the fuel themselves rather than getting it from Blacklight Power, in order to keep things totally independent.

The Black light Power process involves the creation of something that founder Randell Mills’ calls a hydrino, which is a lower state energy of hydrogen that most physicist and chemists feel cannot exist.   According to Blacklight, creation of the hydrino releases energy.   And the Rowan University study appears to back that up – they got 6.5 times more energy out of the materials involved than maximum energy potential, implying that Blacklight Power’s hydrinos were created.

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