Blacklight Power planning demo of its hydrino tech in 2011

Blacklight Power, the company that has been claiming that it can generate power from water using low energy hydrogen atoms they call hydrinos (which is a form of hydrogen that many quantum physicists say is an impossibility), now say that they will be conducting a public demonstration of its technology sometime in 2011.

The Blacklight Power process, discovered by CEO Randall Mills,  takes hydrogen atoms and gets them to enter a lower energy state.    When the hydrogen atom enters this lower energy state, energy and heat is emitted, which Blacklight Power claims to be able to capture and turn into electricity.     While Blacklight Power has yet to actually show their technology to the public, so far, six different power utilities have signed agreements with Blacklight Power.

In their latest press release, Blacklight Power says that its researchers have generated electricity directly from the changeover from hydrogen to hydrinos, and that according to their calculations,  they could generate up to a gigawatt of power from a liter of water a second.   They are also claiming that the cost of a power plant built using hydrino technology would come to about $25 per kilowatt, which compares to a capital cost of about $6,000 per kilowatt for a nuclear plant, and $850 per kilowatt for a natural gas power plant.   They also are now saying that their process has been independently confirmed by Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary, Meritorious Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Rowan University.

via: Greentechmedia

via:  Vancouver Sun

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