Energy saving Hydro-charger to be launched in New Zealand

In a recent press release, Renewable Energy New Zealand is claiming that New Zealand company Vision Energy will shortly launch a “breakthrough device that can be retrofitted to any internal combustion engine to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions.” The Hydro Fuel System Hydro-charger was developed by US companies Global Energy Options and H to-go. It provides an on-demand supply of hydrogen that can be used on any internal combustion engine to change it into a “powerful, super efficient, ultra-low-emission, “Hydro-charged” machine.”

The hydrogen generator converts water into hydrogen and oxygen and injects the hydrogen into the the engine to reduce fuel use and carbon emissions. Fuel use savings are claimed to be up to 70%. (The method and claims sound somewhat similar to those being made by the Aquygen folks at Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.)

We might know more on December 11 when Vision Energy will be holding a one day preview event of the Hydro-Charger system at the Queenstown Events Centre.

You can read the full Hydro-charger press release here.

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