Engineers at the Univerity of Delaware Receive Grant for Research into Catalysts for Hydrogen Conversion

The University of Delaware has announced that its researches have received a $960,000 grant from the US Dept of Energy (DOE) to identify low-cost nano catalysts that could spur the chemical conversion of liquid fuels into hydrogen.

The project, which will last three years, is part of the DOE’s attempt to develop advanced technologies to supply energy and transport systems with cheap hydrogen.

The U Of D team will demonstrate new “high throughput” techniques to screen hundreds to thousands of metal compouds at the nanoscale level to hopefully find the most promising triggers.

The team will use ammonia as the fuel in the proof of concept research. Ammonia is the choice for this project because it has a large storage capacity of hydrogen, is easy to make into a liquid form, and is very abundant and inexpensive.

You can read the full article from FuelCellWorks here.

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