General Fusion raises $9M in venture financing

General Fusion's magnetized target fusion core design
General Fusion, who I wrote about before, is a Canadian company that is taking a low cost mechanical approach to nuclear fusion.   The General Fusion concept is to use sound waves to create shock waves in a sealed container that would be strong enough to fuse deuterium and tritium into helium.   Now it looks like some other people are beginning to support General Fusion since they just raised $9 million in venture capital.   The money will be used to support a 4 year, $50 million demonstration project that they hope will show a net gain in energy – i.e. you get more energy out of the process than you put in.    General Fusion, with their “magnetized target fusion” technique is trying to show that they can achieve nuclear fusion much easier than either the $6 billion National Ignition Facility or the $20 billion ITER project.

via: Xconomy

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