Honda’s Home Hydrogen Fueling Station

In conjunction with Honda’s planned limited release of its FCX Clarity hydrogen powered car this year (see Up, up and away – the hydrogen car is here), Honda plans to sell a home hydrogen fueling station, the Home Energy Station IV, which helps stop the chicken and egg syndrome envisioned for hydrogen powered cars.  (Basically, consumers won’t be willing to buy hydrogen powered cars unless they can refuel it, and most companies won’t be willing to build the infrastructure needed to power these cars unless there’s a lot of them on the road).

Honda Home Energy Station

Honda’s Home Energy Station IV home fuel cell solution sounds like its going to be inexpensive (around $500) and will have the added benefit of providing hot water, electricity, and heat to your house.  Powered by natural gas, it will convert the natural gas to hydrogen which can be used by the fuel cell to generate electricity and stored for later use in your FCX Clarity.  The unit is expected to produce energy savings of up to 50% for your house, and also enable the FCX Clarity’s 270 mile range.

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