Hydrogen generator that increases MPG being tested in San Antonio

Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio are testing a water fueled hydrogen generator that could be used with standard gasoline engines to increase mileage.  The hydrogen generator, created by Steve Gerhlein, an auto mechanic in San Antonio , has installed a system in his cars that generates hydrogen using water mixed with potassium hydroxide.  Mr. Gerhlein says that there are lots of plans for hydrogen generators in the internet, but most of them don’t produce enough hydrogen to help much.  Also, Gerhlein changes the settings on the car’s computer to enable the engine to work better with the new fuel mix. He installed one in his wife’s Lexus SUV, which originally got about 14 miles per gallon in city driving.  With his hydrogen generator the Lexus got about 19 mpg, but after tweaking the computer the SUV now gets 26 mpg.

The Southwest Research Institute is currently testing Gerhlein’s generators. They’re testing to see if the device does indeed work, but also whether the other claims are true – the hydrogen generator cleans out the engine, has less toxic emissions and will pass EPA standards.

Go here for the article at KVUE.com. They also have video of the original news article that was shown on KVUE, San Antonio

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