ITM Power developing “electrolyser” to generate hydrogen for cars

Once you get past the funny spelling :), this sounds similar to the Aquygen or HHO venture that was on CNN and Fox a couple of months ago. The company, ITM Power, is working with the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Aerospace, Automotive and Design Engineering to develop an electrolyser refueling system for use in hydrogen internal combustion engine powered cars.

The electrolyser can be used at either home or at work, and will produce the hydrogen needed to refuel the car, without a complete revamping of the current fuel infrastructure (i.e. gas stations).

The company claims that existing electrolysers cost in the region of $2,000 (£1,086)/kW while the US Department of Energy 2010 target is $300 (£163)/kW for an electrolyser stack. ITM has already achieved costs as low as $164 (£90)/per kW.

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