Update on Denny Klein’s Aquygen

There’s a small update from the St. Petersburg Times posted on Denny Klein’s  Aquygen website. The article, which was printed on Oct 12,2006 doesn’t cover much new ground but does state that Denny Klein’s company – Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc., now has a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup using the Aquygen Gas Generator in addition to the previously mentioned 1994 Ford Escort Wagon.   Both vehicles are using the company’s patented Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System (HHOS) that creates Aquygen (HHO) gas from water and uses the Aquygen as an fuel additive in a standard gasoline or diesel engine.

“The company says that with only slight modifications to the standard combustion engine it can increase your car’s horsepower while also boosting fuel economy (miles per gallon) by 20-30 per cent. In the process, emissions are dramatically reduced, including CO2.”

“Because the HHOS is evolutionary, not revolutionary, it utilizes the time-tested technology of the internal combustion engine and the existing refueling infrastructure,” the company’s website claims. “The HHOS could save billions of dollars in redesign and retooling costs compared to fuel cells.”

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