Update on Denny Klein’s Aquygen

There’s a small update from the St. Petersburg Times posted on Denny Klein’s  Aquygen website. The article, which was printed on Oct 12,2006 doesn’t cover much new ground but does state that Denny Klein’s company – Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc., now has a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup using the Aquygen Gas Generator in addition to the previously mentioned 1994 Ford Escort Wagon.   Both vehicles are using the company’s patented Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System (HHOS) that creates Aquygen (HHO) gas from water and uses the Aquygen as an fuel additive in a standard gasoline or diesel engine.

“The company says that with only slight modifications to the standard combustion engine it can increase your car’s horsepower while also boosting fuel economy (miles per gallon) by 20-30 per cent. In the process, emissions are dramatically reduced, including CO2.”

“Because the HHOS is evolutionary, not revolutionary, it utilizes the time-tested technology of the internal combustion engine and the existing refueling infrastructure,” the company’s website claims. “The HHOS could save billions of dollars in redesign and retooling costs compared to fuel cells.”

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  1. Will this company be a public entity?

  2. it’s hard to tell if they will ever get there. While they do sell aquygen gas for industrial welding, they don’t seem to have much revenue. Outside of the videos that have been shown by the various news networks, there’s been very little information coming from the company – at least I haven’t been able to find any. Other companies are working on hydrogen delivery systems, too. So unless something happens soon with this company and aquygen, I would tend to doubt it. It’s hard to tell if they even have been getting any venture capital.

  3. I talked to Hydrogen technology today… they claim that they are going to make the car available in 2008 & that they are building it themselves!
    is this possible?

  4. In Mr. Klien’s earlier videos, he claims he could run a vehicle totally on aquygen. If he can’t do this he will have to compete with John Kanzius and several other now successful small fusion energy producers.

  5. I agree, although I wouldn’t call this “fusion energy”. There’s been zero official news out of Klein’s company. Other folks are developing hydrogen on demand type engines that Aquygen will have to compete with. The only reason why they seem like the only one to be doing this is because their story was picked up by the local media and then the national media.

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  7. If not Klein or any other developer of alternate fuel sources they all must compete with the oil companies who have the govererment bigwigs in their back pocket.They may go the way of the elctric car which met its demiss at the hands of the big auto companies.

  8. I have been searching for the most advanced technology out there with respect to utilizing my existing gasoline, 350 engine, 172 hp,1995 Chevy Suburban 1500, which will boost my mileage. Denny Klein appears to be at the forefront, at least the forefront of the Google Search Engine.

    Where else can I locate information of other companies doing similar research? I love my Suburban and do not want to give up the safety, utility, and comfort of this vehicle for a small vehicle. In terms of being green the vehicle was recycled from an insurance salvage yard, repaired and given me great service and reliability without having to spend 27,000 for a Prius or other hybrid which will only last 100k miles, not to mention the cost to produce and costly process to develop the batteries utilized.

    Thank You

  9. i agree that Denny Klein and Aquygen appears at the forefront of the search engines, but there’s been no real news from the company in a couple of years.

    There does seem to be some others researching hydrogen on demand systems to supplement gas engines – here’s one that I posted about the other day – Steve Gerhlein has been retrofitting his cars with hydrogen on demand systems. See http://www.alt-energy.info/archives/550. If you live in the San Antonio area, you might want to look this guy up – he also apparently does a live Car talk type show every week from KTSA radio (AM 550 – streamed at http://www.ktsa.com/) – Saturdays from 11:00 – 1:00 PM (I think that would be CST), and Sundays from 1:00-4:00PM. You can check out Steve’s web site at http://www.cambridgeauto.com/main.wtk

  10. Below is a site where they discuss the lack of credibility in Denny Klein’s “Aquygen” gas. Personally I think its a scam.


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  13. One of your folks wrote about “sublimation” as an example of dry Ice. This is not true. If one could see dry Ice you would see that it boils of on the surface. So “dry Ice” is not a good example of sublimation.

    I say lets examination all the sourses of other energy.


  14. Amazing how this guy & his company seemed to just vanish. Let’s be realists – our gov’t will NEVER let there be an alternative to big company products (oil for example).

  15. I really don’t think its a matter of “if the gov’t will let us have this type of technology. More appropriately it’s the large oil companies will buy him out.
    If we can find a way to publish this material and get it out in mass quantities then not everyone can be bought out.
    I for one, have bee looking at this guys technology, some say its a scam and some say its not. I am trying to find out as much info on it as possible so I can try working on this technology myself.

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