Update on Denny Klein’s Aquygen and HHO

You remember this one, right? The Denny Klein water powered/Aquygen car that was on Fox News and CNN a couple of months ago. Well, WAVE3 in Louisville, KY has a small update on Denny Klein’s aquygen and his company, Hydrogen Technology Applicatons, Inc.

While most of the article just talks about the same stuff that you saw on Fox and CNN, there’s a couple of new tidbits that came out. Denny Klein’s company – Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc., says that a hydrogen generator adapter for your car which would allow it to use Aquygen (HHO) and could increase MPG by about 50% could be on the market within 2 years. Actually, the quote from Denny Klein says “My guess is probably 2 years to go to the next level.” The reporter is assuming that the “next level” is this hydrogen / Aquygen adapter. Of course a full Aquygen powered car is “a little further down the road.” Mr. Klein also mentions that some big names are taking notice – Daimler Chrysler, Nasa, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin.

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