Update on Denny Klein’s Aquygen and HHO

You remember this one, right? The Denny Klein water powered/Aquygen car that was on Fox News and CNN a couple of months ago. Well, WAVE3 in Louisville, KY has a small update on Denny Klein’s aquygen and his company, Hydrogen Technology Applicatons, Inc.

While most of the article just talks about the same stuff that you saw on Fox and CNN, there’s a couple of new tidbits that came out. Denny Klein’s company – Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc., says that a hydrogen generator adapter for your car which would allow it to use Aquygen (HHO) and could increase MPG by about 50% could be on the market within 2 years. Actually, the quote from Denny Klein says “My guess is probably 2 years to go to the next level.” The reporter is assuming that the “next level” is this hydrogen / Aquygen adapter. Of course a full Aquygen powered car is “a little further down the road.” Mr. Klein also mentions that some big names are taking notice – Daimler Chrysler, Nasa, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin.

42 thoughts on “Update on Denny Klein’s Aquygen and HHO

  1. I want to hear what you have to say about Tesla Motors and their Electric powered cars. They are planning on coming out with their 2nd and 3rd cars in the next 5 years that are completely electric.

  2. I just posted on an article I spotted in Cleantechblog.com about Tesla Motors. Here’s the article – http://www.cleantechblog.com/2007/06/building-company-0-to-60-in-4-seconds.html I see where they have a second car planned – a family sedan – for 2009. Hopefully their first car (the $92,000 Tesla Roadster) will start produciton later this year. Exciting stuff, if they can keep pushing battery technology forward.

  3. I’ve been reading some heated discussion on other websites that this is a total scam. Any information on that?

  4. maybe not a total scam, but probably not the “run 100 mpg just on water” breakthru as claimed. There are lots of other companies exploring the hydrogen on demand concept, which does seem to increase mpg, and the company does have some real products with its HHO welders. I’m thinking that the hype brought on by all the tv coverage blew this way out of proportion. The fact that there’s been virtually no news out of the company since this last update sure isn’t a good sign.

  5. This is the only real world answer to the oil crisis. They have a working lawn mower engine running 100% on water.(about half way through the video):
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa1meqFFjjM Soon to be working on automobiles too. If we don’t all get behind this technology we will all be singing this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8mrALiuQSQ

  6. I’m excited about the possibility of this technology, allowing dramatic reductions in personal contributions to green house gases. I’ll be even more excited when industry is provided a cost effective alternative to petroleum. The expensive side will be the conversion, obviously. Hopefully this kind of technology will be attractive enough for industry to take the step and reduce their polluting ways.

    In addition, we need to remember that it is methane that is one of the most problematic gases that is released in our atmosphere. This gas is the most effective at trapping in heat.

    Perhaps this goes without saying, but I will say it regardless.
    We can’t wait for the better technology to be implemented. We
    need to start driving fuel efficient cars again(we were doing it in the 70s). We should also be finding ways of cleaning up the mess that currently exists, since our planet is no longer capable of absorbing effectively the pollutants we’ve been creating. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/10/071022171932.htm

    Technologies are being developed to remove CO2 from the atmosphere,

    We have a lot of possible solutions, we just need to want the change bad enough. So far, it doesn’t seem as though as a planet we are there yet.


  7. Has anyone factored in the expense of electricity required by this process, and the polution of the required power plants, or are we assuming nuclear power generation?

  8. What if the electrolysis was powered with an array of solar cells?

  9. Ken – there’s been some studies done on the possible impacts of plug-in hybrids on the power grid. According to one done recently by Oak Ridge National Laboratory – ORNL, alot depends on when the charging gets done. If most people charge their hybrids at night, then ORNL thinks that little if any additional power plants will have to be built. However, if most plug-ins get charged during the day when normal electricity use is much higher, then the impact on the grid will be much higher, and we will need more power plants to handle the load. See http://www.alt-energy.info/archives/498 for the full article.

  10. First, we are already driving the “small cars” from the 70’s, they are now called full sized cars! A current full sized Impala gets 30 MPG. A 70’s Impala got 12 MPG. The day James Cooper gets all the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we all DIE!! All the trees and plants DIE!! Mankind would have to be killed off as we exhale CO2. When would the “water/gas” run out. If you are out of water you DIE!! There is NO magic pill out there and there is NO man made Global warming. If you were alive in the 70’s you nutbags were screaming about global cooling ending the world. Global warming is religion and money, nothing else. The earth right now is still making dino oil. Most of it is right here.

  11. The Earth will warm and then cool as the ocean’s currents change…so they were right in the 70’s as well. Clearly we can see the vast fortunes made by all those Climate Change nutbags…nothing like those oil company dirt bags and their stance of denial. Hey but don’t take my word for it, I just studied this stuff for the past 4 years.

    Also I seem to remember the GEO Metro getting 50 MPG 10 years ago…why are car companies trying to sell me 23 MPG as this “great deal?”

    As for the “magic pill” it also exists, its called BIRTH CONTROL. Overpopulation is the only real environmental problem.

  12. I am not sure why this is so hard to believe. In Europe they have been injecting steam into carburators for years and get about 20% increase in fuel economy and power. Water is pumped over or through the exhaust maniford and then the steam is injected into the carburator or fuel injectors. Steam is the closest matter to complete separation of Hydrogen and oxygen. The two gases become separated in the combustion chamber and create additional fuel out of water.

    Kinda cool…. Denny Kline is claiming that he can do this with Electrosys. This is not new either but it cost $10 in electricty to make $1.50 in fuel. BUT if the electricty is being generated by the exsisting gas engine as it propels the car, the electricty is relatively free. You do the math…. what difference does the amount of electricity if it has no cost?

    by the way… there is a huge difference between HHO and HOH or H2O

  13. There is no magic device or invention that will permit a resulting hydrogen based heat source to provide more BTU’s of energy than it takes to break the oxygen/hydrogen bond. If there were, we would all have home based energy plants and be free of the electrical companies, oil and gas companies, and be driving around in cars that emitted water as their only waste product. Demand hydrogen production from water may have some industrial uses, but the thermodynamics of breaking the oxygen/hydrogen bond will continue to be one that requires more energy input than can be recovered by any known method. If Wall Street believed in HHO as an energy solution there would be almost unlimited dollars available to further the technology. Wall Street remains silent and no serious university research program is working on rendering the laws of thermodynamics null and void.

  14. By using this technology, my vehicle has gone from getting 28 miles per gallon to getting 46 miles per gallon. I have a 15 watt solar panel that continuously recharges a deep cycle battery that has a reserve capacity of 160 minutes at 25 amps. This is more than enough energy to power my electrolyzer with zero load on my vehicles engine. I’m laughing at the naysayers all the way to the bank!

  15. Well, I believe running on water is not cheap source of fuel.
    We are already buying our drinking water at $1.00 a litre. Imagine the cost of water once even 25% of the population used water to propell all engines.
    Would there be enough water left in ten years? Could we still afford to drink the stuff?

    Nobody has mentioned how we could create more clean drinking water out of nothing.
    When the oceans are dry and we try and catch rain water to survive, what will we power our engines with?
    Just a few questions in my mind.
    Perhaps that is why the big money is not chasing after these inventions.
    Feel free to write in and explain to me how this hydrogen fuel will save us.
    As good as some people think this technology is, I believe solar is the only salvation.

  16. So, it’s 2008… where are all the water-powered cars? What a crock. This technology has been around since ’66.

    @Ken Peterson — yes. It uses more power than it creates. See #13.

    @Cypress — 100% correct about overpopulation.

  17. 1. After watching the meltdown on Wall Street is there any question left on why they aren’t looking at this technology?
    2. Having been a solar dealer who was put out of business by Jimmy Carter when he changed the rules so theat only the big companies were left I have to ask you to check out how much oil it takes to produce those solar panels.
    3. Population is only an issue because the world control folks have propogandized us to believe it so.
    4. The problem is one world government and their fear of population. They consistently kill off these great ideas because they know that our abilities are in fact limitless. There is enough on the planet for everyone.
    5. The push toward solar and wind is…..well, look at who is behind it. You might just see some really big names. Hmmm, wonder if anyone is cashing in?
    6. Water powered cars will get here when enough people build them. Right now, what is the REAL incentive for any large company to do so? Go ahead, tell me an incentive….However, there are large incentives to keep the status quo while mouthing platitudes.
    7. As an aside, the US used water injection in the aircraft flying off aircraft carriers during WWII. It was for takeoff because it had provided tremendous power…..go check it out.
    8. I used a water injector on my 1978 Caddilac Fleetwood Brougham….couldn’t tell you about MPG, I didn’t drive it for fuel economy, but it was sure fun to blow off Camaros.

  18. Alternative energy is great and this system seems very impressive, at least from what little I have seen and read. But let’s remember that while this system may work very well for light vehicles it will most likely not replace fossil fuels in larger more power full machines at least not soon. Take for instance tractors, semi’s, and jets. No alternative green source is able to provide the energy required to propel a jet with enough people to make it efficient. Not to say this won’t happen eventually but for now we need to continue to use dead animals and plants.

  19. Roland mcIntosh says there’s no magic pi;; that will permit a resulting hydrogen based heat source to provide more BTU’s of energy than it takes to break the oxygen/hydrogen bond. IF there were we’d be free of the electrical companies, oil and gas companies, and be driving around in cars that emitted water as their only waste product. Oh really; Roland, you must beleive in the tooth fairey; that is, all this high tech stuff doesn’t exist because it doesn’t work, or could it just be Roland, that the najor oil producers, that would be outta business wouldn’t let this stuff on the market, huh, do ya just spose; cause they’d be outta business, and worse yet, in their eyes, they’d have NO control over us.

    And on aside; Frank Richter; you PAY $1.00 a litre for YOUR water(??); I pay about 3 cents a gallon for mine, AND I don’t waste oil to have the platic bottle it comes in nor do I dispose of a few thosuand of thsoe palstic bottles in the land fill….you go; i can see you really are environmentally conscious…can’t wait to see how you fly a 727 Boeing using solar panels.

  20. Damn! You Yanks really are gullible!

  21. First of all, the bond in water is a very weak polar covalent bond… not a hard one to break! I can do it with a AA battery.
    Second, the water doesn’t disappear- it is re-formed when the hydrogen is burned. Third, for you “thermodynamic” critics… You need to get a better understanding of thermochemistry, and not just throw the word around, in an attempt to sound smart.
    The use/loss of energy is compensated by the constant supply of water- no different than gasoline. It’s not a closed-loop system, meaning when the water runs out… well… it doesn’t work so well, does it?
    Perhaps gas shouldn’t work for the same reason?
    It burns fuel just like any other would- this one happens to use hydrogen.
    The fact of the matter is you really don’t know until you try it. Why would anyone spend so much time & effort criticizing an idea without putting it to the test? That, people, is my definition of a fool.

  22. en el tarro de agua, despues de un rato, quedan residuos que obstaculizan la salida del gas, CÓMO SOLUCIONO ESTO?

  23. “en el tarro de agua, despues de un rato, quedan residuos que obstaculizan la salida del gas, CÓMO SOLUCIONO ESTO?”

    From babelfish.com – in the water jar, after awhile, they are residues that prevent the exit of the gas, HOW DO I SOLVE THIS?

    I would think that using distilled water would stop or lessen any residue

    Pensaría que eso usando el agua destilada pararía o que disminuiría cualquier residuo

    maybe using distilled water would prevent any residue

  24. Hey HHO people I need anyone’s info on any news on success story’s, We are doing a huge press release on HHO. please email me @ brad@@@@hydrogenllc.com
    remove the @@@


  25. There will never be more news on success “story’s” because the process doesn’t work as advertised. It is impossible to create more energy than you put in to the original system.

    Also, flubber doesn’t exist.


  26. I love it that people get emotionally involved in fantasy ideas. Hydrogen cars work perfectly fine, you can run a modern car on hydrogen with very little modifications at all . BUT, what’s the point? Hydrogen is an expensive fuel that’s dangerous as all get out to store and to refuel vehicles with. As for this nonsense about “aquagen”, it’s now 2012 and no one seems to be selling the stuff. Because it’s just not energy efficient. I was amused that one knucklehead here said, hey , you can use the gasoline motor to power the generation of this “aquagen” so it would be free. HARDLY, it would take the motor more energy burned up than it would ever recoup burning the “aquagen.” Seems every time the price of gas gets high in the states, these scams come out of the woodwork. As the British gent commented here ” You yanks will believe anything.” Unfortunately, he seems to be somewhat correct for some people.

  27. Se poate folosi 10% H2O la mot. cu ardere interna pt.reducerea poluarii cresterea randamentului motorului si a reduceri de comb. Toate acestea prin producerea trasnetului in cilindrul motorului si mai este un fenomen;molecula apei i-si mareste volumul de 1500 de ori prin incalzire,ce va forma o presiune in cilindru ce poate fi folosita.Sant multe de spus dar raman cu atat.Vio.

  28. Danny where did you get all your expertise from (Stanley Meyers) It;s about the same time all his stuff went missing after he died!! If your as good as you recon share it with the rest of the world as Stanley and alot more before you have done ita about saving this piece of dirt we all live on not the polititions that live an easy life, and get everything paid for.
    Pull your f&^$ head out of the sand and help people
    We all die at the end of the day dosn’t matter how much cash you have in the bank.!!!!


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  30. You people are all fools even thinking this fantasy HHO scam works, any physics instructor will tell you it uses more energy to create the H from water than you ever get burning the H in an engine. I’m still amazed at the fools who get suckered into this nonsense. It’s been around for decades,and if it really worked, every car company would use it, as they get bonus government points for higher gas mileage readings.
    Any one involved in HHO is just either scamming people for money, or a sucker for falling for the scam. As I said, ask any scientist, they will tell you the same.

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  39. Hello, I would like to join in here by stating a few results of experiments that I have personally done with Hydrogen and automobiles.

    #1. Regardless of Any vehicle running on 100% Hydrogen, it Has To Have Stainless Steel Intake & Exhaust Valves, as well as Stainless Piston Rings. Reason: One by-product of burning Hydrogen is… Water. In an engine that does Not have the aforementioned.. when you turn it off and come back the next day, Rust might basically seize the engine.

    Alternate to 100% Hydrogen: Just add Dirty Hydrogen for an increase in mileage. IT DOES WORK! However, as others have experienced, the on-board computer will figure it out and you will return to your previous miles per gallon.

    Reason: You have to Flash the computer to accept the New parameters of burning a little Leaner and a little Hotter than what the auto manufacturers have pre-programmed in it. Hence lies the problem… they will NOT give you the access code to Flash/Re-Program it! Even though… the engine WILL allow being run Leaner and Hotter. I’ve Personally watched the gauges and meters that was used!

    Moving On: To those negative nells regarding that it takes too much energy(amperage 15-20a) from your cars Alternator to produce Dirty Hydrogen… WRONG! I have a small Adjustable Voltage/Amp regulator made, on a 2″x2″ pc board.It ONLY draws 1 amp from the cars alternator, then I can step it up to the 15-20amps needed to split the Hydrogen and Oxygen. The higher the amperage, the more Hydrogen you produce. CAUTION: you really don’t want to produce much more than about a quart per minute!

    Reason: By adding More than a quart per minute you are teetering on putting too much DH into the system. Again… if you don’t have Stainless Parts in your engine, you might seize it from the by-product of water, and rust. So.. you want to keep the mix of gasoline and Hydrogen below the 50% mark, at about a quart per minute.

    There you have it! It’s Really Pretty Simple Stuff! Oh, Oh, OH.. by the way.. I do Not have anything in connection with/for producing Hydrogen, and/or for using/putting it on your car, For Sale!! Just the 1st hand experience and the FREE knowledge of/about the same. Get on the car makers’ arse to cut the code loose.

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