water as fuel? scam or breakthrough?

lots of news and blogs today about a process patented by Denny Klein of Florida that converts water (H20) to something he’s calling HHO that supposedly combines the atomic power of hydrogen with the stability of water. This gas (called Aquygen) is being used today in welding equipment. Supposedly, Mr. Klein is adapting Aqygen to hybrid cars, where it will be used as a supplement for engines, with improved mileage.

Lots of blogs are linking to the news articles – you can watch the Fox26 news article here

There’s some further description and lots of comments about the science behind Aquygen at norcalblogs.com<, and a copy of a november 2005 article in the Tampa Tribune (with additional comments) at AmericanDaughter.

Who knows how this may play out. It might just be a twist on the old electrolysis method (which takes more energy to separate Hydrogen and oxygen from water than you get out of it), or it might be something truly new. We’ll be watching. If it doesn’t play out, it will just be more fodder for the conspiracy theorists who will claim that its just another breakthrough buried by Big Oil. No matter what the science says.

The article does mention that the test car (a 1994 Ford Escort station wagon fitted with one of Klein’s units) that gets a 30% increase in mileage is being tested by the EPA.

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