Cyclone Power and Phoenix Power Group to develop generator that runs on waste oil

Cyclone Power Technology (CYPW.PK), a developer of a unique heat regenerative external combustion engine called the Waste Heat Engine (WHE) has signed a deal with the Phoenix Power Group to develop a version of its engine that will run on used waste oil. And Phoenix Power sure has a lot of waste oil – they’re a subsidiary of the Atlantic Systems Group, a company that designs and builds automotive oil change and service stations.

The deal calls for Cyclone Power to sign over waste oil related rights to its Mark V external combustion engine, so that Phoenix Power can use the engine in its new 5-Series power generators.  Cyclone Power’s Mark V engine is a clean burning low heat steam engine that can run on a variety of fuels, including biomass.  Phoenix Power’s generators will be the first power generators capable of utilizing waste products (i.e. used motor oil) to produce electricity for on site needs or for a feed to a power grid, and their generators are expected to produce 50 KW of electricity  using about 4 1/2 gallons of waste oil.   Used oil is a major contaminate of waterways – recycling the used oil to produce electricity not only can save a company on power costs or provide a profit to the company by letting them sell their excess electricity back to the power company, it also stops the oil from potentially contaminating the water supply.

Cyclone Power's Cyclone Mark V WHE engine
Cutaway of the Cyclone Mark V WHE engine

via:  Cnet News

Cyclone Power Technology website

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