Global Resource – Squeezing oil and gas from old tires and other stuff

Popular Science’s Green Tech recently gave Frank Pringle and his company, Global Resource, it’s “Best of What’s New” award for 2007. Mr. Pringle has developed a recycling machine, called the HAWK 10, that uses microwaves to break down and extract oil and gas from waste such as old automobile tires. This isn’t the only award the company has recently won – Time magazine named Global Resource’s HAWK 10 as one of its top “Inventions of the Year”.

The HAWK 10 uses microwaves to break down just about anything that’s shoved into it that contains hydrocarbons. The first commercial version, which is currently being built, will turn 10 tons of auto waste (tires, plastic, and vinyl) per hour at a Long Island, NY tire recycler into enough natural gas to produce 17 million BTUs of energy, while using less than 1 million BTUs to do it.

Mr. Pringle has spent about 10 years and $1 million to develop his machine. Global Resource recently announced that it plans to install two HAWK 10 recyclers at tire recycler ECO Energy’s Mobile, Arizona plant to convert 300 tons of used tires a day into gas and oil. Also, the US military is interested in using Global Recource’s technology in Iraq on waste such as water bottles and food containers, and oil companies are interested in using the machines to help extract oil that’s trapped in shale. Here’s the link to the company if you’re interested in reading more about them.
Global Resource Corporation

Global Resource conveyor prototype reactor
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