Three more small scale solar farms start generating electricity

The trend towards smaller scale solar power continues.   Three new U.S. based small solar farms began operations recently, two in New Jersey and one in Nevada.

The biggest of the three is the Nevada project.   First Solar and Enbridge Inc have just announced the completion of the Silver State North project, a 50 megawatt solar farm located about 40 miles south of Las Vegas.   Located on 600 acres of public land in the Ivanpah Valey, it consists of about 820,000 First Solar thin-film photovoltaic solar panels.  It produces enough electricity to power about 9,000 on a summer day.

New Jersey, in addition to recently starting up a 6.1 megawatt solar farm at the Lawrenceville School, added two new solar farms.    The Kearny Landfill Solar Farm becomes New Jersey’s first solar farm to be located on a state owned landfill    Built over a 13 acre capped section of the closed New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) 1A Landfiill, it generates 3 megawatts of power.   The panels use less than a quarter of the entire landfill site, and the companies kept a large pond intact for birds and the other wildlife that lives there.  The Kearny solar farm is a joint project between Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G), NJMC, and SunDurance Energy.

The other New Jersey project is a 12.5 megawatt farm in south Jersey that just started operations.   Lincoln Renewable Energy LLC built the 100 acre farm in a rural area of Fairfield Township.   It consists of 53,000 solar panels and can provide enough power for about 2,000 homes.

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