A new use for solar cells – fighting cancer

It’s not alternative energy related, but it is very interesting.   Medical researchers are developing solar cell powered cancer therapies that are showing great potential in the fight against cancer.    The microscopic solar cells would be used to deliver drugs specifically targeted at tumors by being designed to absorb certain colors of light, especially red light, which can penetrate several inches into the body.   The solar cells would be injected into the body of the patient, and when light was shined specifically in the area where the tumors are located, a charge would be created by the solar cell, which would release the anti tumor drugs only in those specific locations.  Those solar cells that never got hit by the light would eventually be filtered out by the kidneys, without releasing the drugs into the healthy part of the body.   Since the powerful drugs would only be released at the site of the tumor, that would dramatically lessen the damage to healthy cells.

via: Discovery News

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