Applied Materials Planning Largest US Corporate Solar Power Installation

Applied Materials, Inc, a maker of semiconductor manufacturing material and solar photovoltaic equipment, is planning to install the largest solar power installation on an existing corporate facility in the United States.

Once completed in 2008, the new solar power system is expected to generate over 1.9 megawatts, which is bigger than system being built for the Google campus (1.4 megawatts)

“When the project is complete we will have a silent, non-polluting 1.9 megawatt power plant on what is currently open roof space and parking areas, and a great hedge against future energy cost increases,” said Mike Splinter, president and CEO of Applied Materials. “As we pursue our strategy to significantly drive down the overall solar cost-per-watt we feel it is important to lead through example and that installations of this size will help lower consumer cost and spur overall market growth.”

You can read the news article over at ElectricNet, and C|Net You can also check out Applied Materials solar strategy.

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