Build your own solar powered computer

That article from Computer Power User is long gone, but I found this hopefully helpful article  at Tom’s Hardware –,1680.html



I sure was surprised today when the mailman brought my new issue of Computer Power User (CPU). The cover story is entitled “Build a Solar-Powered PC & other high-tech projects.” For the solar powered computer, they selected components very carefully to minimize power consumption and maximize performance (CPU is very good at that – its for people who build their own computers, like me). Then they built a solar array consisting of 3 12-volt Alps ATI-130 Multicrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel Modules, which produce a nominal output of 130 watts each, an inverter, batteries and a charge controller. They put a great deal of thought into the solar array components, and go through their thought process for selecting each one.

You need to be a subscriber to read the article on line, but you should be able to pick up a copy of the November 2008 issue which should be available soon at your local bookstore or newstand.

11 thoughts on “Build your own solar powered computer

  1. Hmm I really want to read this article now…

  2. please send info

  3. you’ll need to go to and see if you can buy the Nov 2008 issue. Or maybe your local library could possibly have it.

  4. Hi, I built my own which has a weight of 20 ounces, and the power of a laptop, with a projector display (Capable of very large screens) see info:

  5. Better have a very large UPS to buffer your power… What if a large cloud passes and the solar panel doesn’t pump enough power to your computer? Kidding. =)

  6. Wow! Thanks for the heads up on this, I have been wanting to build a solar powered web server for a green project of mine. I am going to try and find the issue, and take a loop at geckosenator’s site above

  7. Go check out my solar powered computer – runs off of DC insted of DC to AC to DC….


  8. This was really good, thanks.

  9. i have to do project on-solar computer.please help me.

  10. This does not help

  11. that article is no longer posted at Computer Power user. I did find this guide at Tom’s Hardware –,1680.html

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