California to build ‘world’s largest’ solar farm

From Cleantech America LLC, a privately held two year old company announced that it will be building the worlds largest solar power farm near Fresno, California.

When built, the solar panel farm will occupy about 640 acres and will generate about 80 megawatts. Completion date is set for 2011. When all is said and done, the farm will be seven times the size of the world’s current largest solar farm, which is currently in Germany.

While Cleantech will partner with the California Construction Authority in building the farm, it sounds like there’s still a long way to go. Cleantech still has to buy the land, develop plans for hooking up the farm to transmission lines, and sign contracts with manufacturers of photovoltaic solar panels.

“Bill Barnes, CEO of Cleantech, said the scale of the Kings River Conservation District Community Choice Solar Farm will change renewable energy and make California the global leader for huge solar projects and replace Germany as the solar energy hub of the world.”

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