Easy mounting solar panels for your apartment window?

Veranda Solar has come up with a neat little concept that could help inner city and apartment dwellers go solar.   If you don’t have a roof where you can mount solar panels, why not just install the solar panel right outside your apartment window?  Veranda Solar is promising to do just that!   What Veranda’s working on is a snap together, easy to assemble solar panel design that can easily be hung right outside your apartment window – soaking up the sun and providing electricity through a ‘plug and play’ setup.   No word yet from Veranda on how efficient these panels are going to be, and of course the small size limits the amount of electricity they can produce, but the estimated price of $400-$600 means that it won’t take all that much to get payback.     The company has not yet announced when their Veranda Solar panels will be available, they’re still in the prototype stage.

Veranda Solar

via:  Coolest Gadgets.com

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