First Nanosolar panels go on sale

Nanosolar, the San Jose, CA based developer of thin film solar cells has begun shipping its first solar Powersheets. On Tuesday, Nanosolar announed that they had shipped their first Power Sheet solar panels to fulfill an order for a megawatt of solar panels to be used in a power plant in East Germany. In an interesting sidelight, Nanosolar kept the first three panels to come off their newly opened production line – the first panel will be kept on exhibit at Nanosolar, the second one is currently up on Ebay (proceeds will be donated to charity)**, and the third was donated to San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation.  Unfortunately, consumers can’t buy Nanosolar Power Sheet panels yet (you know you want one!).

update – for some unknown reason, ebay cancelled the auction for panel #2.

Here’s what we found on the Nanosolar blog
December 21, 2007

Posted by Martin Roscheisen, CEO

As mentioned earlier, we had put up panel #2 for auction on eBay: the second panel produced as part of the first commercial production of our breakthrough solar panels. People loved it: The eBay auction started at 99 cents and quickly reached more than $13,000.00, and there was still more than 6 days left. At the point where it became clear that the auction would reach thousands of dollars, we decided it would be appropriate to use the proceeds after the auction for a charitable purpose.

We regret that without warning eBay today decided to delete our auction due to the promised charitable use of the proceeds. Our Director of Legal spent much of this afternoon on the phone with eBay trying to reinstate the auction, we suspect the eBay rep who cancelled it must have misread their policies geared towards charities (we are not!), but without success. Upon review we decided this isn’t a battle we care to fight more than an afternoon, so its back to building cells and panels for us. In other words, Panel #2 will stay at Nanosolar for now (no auction); thank you to everyone for participating in our auction; and most importantly: HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


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