Global Solar introduces flexible solar panels designed for roofs

Global Solar PowerFLEX BIPV solar module
Global Solar PowerFLEX BIPV solar module
Global Solar, a manufacturer of flexible thin film solar cells, has just introduced PowerFLEX BIPV – flexible thin film solar modules designed for flat commercial rooftops. The new modules from Global Solar are much lighter than traditional solar panels, and can be glued right to the roof – no need for brackets or installation hardware that would need to penetrate the rooftop.  Global Solar also says that there is no need for spacing between racks, so more of the rooftop can be covered with their solar cells – leading to more power.    Overall costs are reduced because of the reduced installation costs.

Their panels consists of 19 foot long by 1.5 foot wide strips of thin film CIGS solar cells, and are flexible, so they can conform to changes in the shape of the roof.   Each strip outputs about 300 watts and is 12.6 percent efficient.  Since they’re so much lighter than silicon based solar panels, they can be used on flat roofs that often can’t accommodate the additional weight of a traditional solar panel setup.

Before this new product launch, Global Solar had been providing its thin film solar cells to Dow Chemical for their solar shingles.

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