HyperSolar developing low cost solar concentrators to increase solar cell efficiency

HyperSolar, a small company in Santa Barbara, CA, recently announced that it is using low cost manufacturing processes to develop a solar concentrator that can sit on top of existing solar cells.  The benefit of a solar concentrator is that it increases the amount of usable solar energy hitting the cell, thereby allowing the cell to increase its output.

Unlike most solar concentrators that use mirrors to focus more light on the cells, HyperSolar has developed an acrylic sheet about one centimeter thick that will sit on top of the cell.    HyperSolar says that they plan on having different versions of their concentrating sheets, with each model magnifying sunlight by a different amount – 2X, 3X, and 4X’s are the amounts that they are discussing.   Because too much heat actually leads to lower efficiency in solar cells, HyperSolar’s concentrator sheets utilize a “photonics thermal management system” that keeps unusable parts of the solar spectrum from hitting the cells.

via: Green Building Elements

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