Innovalight and JA Solar collaborating on silicon ink for solar cells

Innovalight solar cell
Innovalight solar cell
Innovalight, a company that has been working on a process to create ink-jet manufactured solar cells using their silicon ink, announced this week that an independent study of its processes by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Germany’s  Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System confirmed that its silicon ink cells “demonstrated a record 18 percent conversion of efficiency.”  Innovalight also announced that JA Solar, a large Chinese based solar cell manufacture, is working with Innovalight to commercialize their cells. JA Solar feels that the Innovalight process will allow them to greatly reduce its production costs for solar cells and panels and make them more affordable.

Update 3/14/2010 – Innovalight has just announced that they have been awarded a US Patent for their process of manufacturing crystalline wafer solar cells with silicon ink.

Innovalight has a development roadmap to ultimately bring conversion efficiencies of solar cells to over 20% using its platform for silicon ink and processing technologies.  They already have over 60 patents filed for silicon ink and high efficiency solar cells using silicon ink processes.  Their “proprietary nanotechnology-based silicon ink and processing technologies allow crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturers to dramatically boost output capacity and solar cell performance, as well as reduce costs with a simplified additional step to already installed manufacturing lines.”

Update 4/26/2010 – Innovalight just announced that they’ve hit 19% conversion efficiency with solar cells processed with their silicon ink.

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