Investors’ Business Daily Profiles SunPower’s Acquisition of Powerlight

SunPower makes solar panels, Powerlight installs solar panels. Investors’ Business Daily discusses the pros and cons of the news that SunPower will acquire PowerLight for about $330 million. This deal, if approved, will be one of the largest acquisitions in the solar power industry’s history.

Why is this interesting news? Well, in one company, the combined entity will hold a stake in the key parts of the solar industry, from design thru manufacturing through installation. What SunPower wants to do is to find ways to cut the cost of solar power quicker. SunPower has said that they want to cut the cost per watt in half by 2012, which most analysts think is very aggressive. The combination of solar power maker and solar panel installer should help SunPower meet that goal.

You can find the entire SunPower article here.

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