Kohl’s unveils plans to go solar in Wisconsin

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reorts that Kohl’s Corp is installing hundreds of solar panels on two of its stores and a new photo studio in the Milwaukee area.

The project will make Kohl’s the largest generator of solar power in the Midwest, according to We Energies.

“It’s safe to say that these are the largest projects in the Midwest,” said Carl Siegrist, senior project strategist for the Milwaukee utility’s Office of Energy Options. “I’m fairly certain there isn’t any one location” that has a bigger solar-power array, he said.

Installation is supposed to start in April and will finish in July. Each store will get 890 panels.

Kohl’s has just finished installing solar panels and has brought online 5 stores in California. By the spring of 2008, Kohl’s expects to have solar panels in operation at all 63 of its California stores.

Kohl’s is partnering with SunEdison in these projects. SunEdison is installing the panels at no charge. In return, Kohl’s has signed a 20 year contract to purchase green power from SunEdison.

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